1-Stop Test & Measurement Solutions

Buying, Leasing & Selling of Test and Measurement                  Instruments (New, Used and refurbished)

Scopes and Analyzers

We carry NEW and Refurbished Rohde & Schwarz, GW Instek, Fluke, Agilent, Panasonic, , etc.

EMC Analyzer
Spectrum Analyzer
Network Analyzer
RF Tester
Audio & Video Equipment
Leakage Current Tester
Arbitrary Function Generator

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D.C. Power Supply

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Test Chambers

Standard and Customized Test Chambers

Temperature Chamber

Humidity Chamber

Ess Chamber

Industrial Oven

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***ISO/IEC17025 compliant

Soldering Solution Tools
Customized Test System Solution
Validation & Measurement Services
Service & Repair of Test and Measurement Instruments
Preventive Maintenance and Calibration


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