Product Certifications & Markets Access

We provide Product Certifications and Markets access Turnkey
solutions. Including :

• Training/Consulting
• Product Certifications Management
• Global Market Access
• Local Logistic ( limited countries)

These 4 major elements are the key elements for a product to be successful launch to the market. and our key objective is to help our client to create quality products with the shortest lead time to the market.

Our Guiding Principles

We keep things Simple, Practical and Engaging
We value Respect and Integrity
We strive to understand our customer’s expectations
We focus on Quality and doing the Right thing
We represent the Interest of our Client
We are sincere and will always deliver our commitment to the best of abilities

Training & Consulting

We believed that Technical Knowledge is very important. With
correct and appropriate Technical Knowledge , things can be done in more
efficient and effective
We gathers some of the field's expertise to form a team of trainers to provide technical training for clients needs. We offers a path for professionals to expand their expertise as well as an opportunity to formalize their competencies through certification from our accredited partnerships
Innovative delivery and training methodologies aim to increase the effectiveness and learning experience of the participants. We conducts both public and private workshop and can customize the training content to adapt to the needs of our clients

Certifications Management

We believe that compliance is an enabler to better innovation and greater
competitiveness. The process can be leveraged for better and more sustainable business practice
Developing and bring product beyond regulatory compliance in itself is a competitive advantage as well as a fundamental responsibility of any socially responsible organization
We are here to support any organizations, especially small-medium enterprises, to embark on this journey to take your product globally. We are here to facilitate your growth vision
We represents that interest of our customer to help the customer to obtained Product certifications
We are your Company Certifications Expert

Warehouse & Logistic


We provide dedicated and shared user warehousing solutions. But are not just about holding stock. There are a wide range of additional services that we offer, as part of an overall solution that can improve the performance of your supply chain


We provide end to end transportation from Warehouse to the buyer. We are your LOCAL DELIVERY PARTNER to fill up the gap of your supply chain.

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Product Certifications and Markets Access


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